Whistleblower Report Form

Before submitting a report of wrongdoing by a Bank, please read about the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada's (FCAC's) Whistleblower Program for Employees of Federally Regulated Banks. You may submit your report online or by mail. In either case, we ask you to use this form.

The form takes about 30 minutes to complete. If you are submitting it online, for security reasons, your session will be timed out after 30 minutes of inactivity, and the information you have entered will not be saved. Changes to the form cannot be saved while it is being completed.

To submit a report by mail instead, download a printable copy of the form, fill it out and mail it to:

Financial Consumer Agency of Canada
Enforcement Division
427 Laurier Avenue West, 5th Floor-Reception
Ottawa, Ontario
K1R 1B9

Before you submit a report of wrongdoing, please ensure that the wrongdoing relates to a Bank's:

FCAC expects you to provide only information that is currently in your possession or control.

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